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Re: Nothing is cheap if you get ripped off

Getting too smart for selfish reasons is not good as it will upset others.
eBay started like FM, a community based trading website 1998. It is now known as the online fleamarket. Countless people make a living off eBay, I myself would not be able to afford all my  gear if it was not for eBay. It gave me the opportunity to use the most expensive lenses like the 800mm, 400mm IS II, 600mm IS II, legendary 50mm f/1.0L, keep them and when I sell them out make more than what I paid for, consider it a free paid loaner for that period of time.

Get paid to loan lenses... who would not like that?

rs4ever wrote:

Over the last few years you see quite a lot of flippers born because of Bing cashback.

Look at the history at FredMiranda, POTN on the sale threads. There are a lot of flippers when Bing was at their haydays at 2009-2010.

Bing discontinued the cashback July 30th 2010, 3 years later you can still feel the effect of it.
The smart flippers that are resilient are still here. The ones that rely on Bing and cashbacks are gone.  The smart flippers sometimes gets too smart and start to abuse the system.

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