PCIe 2.0 And PCIe 3.0 Expansion Options - Compatibility ??

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Re: see this post for more specific options...

Hi to everyone here at DPREVIEW. This is my first post. I became a new member 2 minutes ago. I am not going to overwhelm anyone with this first post, but I would like you to know what brought me here.

For the past year I have been actively following this issue that is being discussed in this thread; PCIe 3.0 capability on X79 LGA 2011 Socket Motherboards.

I am very highly motivated when it comes to things in life that have to do with helping people out and especially when I see someone being taken advantage of and it is obvious that, alone, this person doesn't stand much of a fighting chance when it comes to contesting the improper treatment of what I call "Big Business", or "Corporate America", or you pick your own name.

I have identified a number of problems that I believe are incredibly complicated and massively larger than one would ever think based on the lack of a "coordinated public outcry".

I am appalled that those that who claim to stand in the gap for us as customers and to reveal issues that affect us financially, emotionally, time-wise, and drain us of energy, have done so very little to bring all the pieces of this monster puzzle together so that we can see exactly what is happening to hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

To make it simple and to get this attempt to inform and organize off the ground in as many places as I can, I want you to know that after looking at this PCIe 3.0 issue from every angle I can find, I have come up with two names that I will use to help us.

The first I call "AREA X79" and the second is called "AREA Z77".

My desire and passion is to help to organize a response that will produce positive results for customers and corporations. I am not looking to find blame for the sake of blame. I am not trying to get something "free". I am not doing this for any personal gain. I will consider us to be most successful if both customers and corporations "win".

For a Corporation it will mean that it wants to address this problem with integrity and find a resolution so that the corporation is actually moving from “Good to Great" and the customers that trusted each corporation are treated with "care" and receive everything that each one has paid for.

I have personally done this once before and I know it can work. I have been in communication with one of the Motherboard Manufacturers and have offered to “help them help the customer”, which is the course I followed this previous time.

In 2006 Dell came out with the XPS 700. If you do a bit of “Googling” you will find that some amazing things came out of what I called the "Successful Failure", a quote taken from Jim Lovell, the commander of Apollo 13. Every XPS 700 customer- world-wide was offered free motherboard and part upgrades to make the machine an XPS 720. From the CEO to the rep on the phone I was privileged to be a part of something that rarely happens in today’s world of a lacking, to say the least, "Customer Care" program.

Dell became a better company and customers were treated with great dignity, not just in word but in big financial costs. Technicians were actually deployed to locations of owners all over the world and all of this was at no cost to the customer.

AREA X79 and AREA Z77 make the Dell XPS 700 problem look much less imposing, which for me produces optimism because if it is as big as it appears, then it cannot be hidden unless the customers do not care; and that I don’t believe will ever be true!

What has concerned me more than anything as I have read thousands of posts, hundreds of forums and news articles, and read and watched way too many reviews… and on and on.... is that although the problem is much more widespread and is costing customers such a significant amount financially; it is that I have searched and searched and for the life of me I cannot find a small uprising of any kind.

Twice the "Roadmap" disappeared into AREA X79 and AREA Z77, and both times the customer lost a great deal.

I have gone by the call name of gbakmars, GBAKMARS, or sometimes GB. I believe the 10K + thread on the Dell Community Forum has been archived, but for the sake of the many wonderful people that stood their ground and provided an unbelievable amount of support to lead to such wonderful results, I hope you can find it.

I disappeared off the grid after about 4 years of working with Dell and I never even received a free mouse-pad! My goal will be the same with these two AREAS whether it proves to be successful or not.

It has been nice to meet you all here and I hope to become "friends" with many. Blessings!! GB

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