D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

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Re: D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

You know, the last few posts from all of you are exactly how every forum should look like, so thank you all, very good points.

To be honest, I was determined to go FF, but now I'm thinking about it again.

Since my last post I kept downloading and analyzed everey lab or real life raw photos I could find.

Yes the D600 has better IQ at same exposure values when using the same lens. This including resolution, DR, color handling, noise. This is visible.

But interestingly I found some things that the D7100 does better regarding IQ. First and most important, while the D600 always has better details in the centre with the same lens, the D7100 always has better details on the edges, and not only extreme edges. Even with a great macro lens, the D7100 still looks better in the edges/corners.

And the second thing, although the D7100 doesn't have the AA filter, I found it to be superior to the D600 at hair rendering. In many photos with the D600 I saw color artifacts in very fine details like hair. Look at dpreview and IR samples, you'll see them.

But, I also saw at times on fine details the D7100 produced slightly jagged edges, while in the D600 are smooth.

Now for the real shock, prepare yourself. I also compared the D7100 with the D700. I swear, I was sure the D700 will be better, I Was just tryimg to see by how much. Well, actually the D7100 is better in every way. I couldn't believe my eyes, the D700 was a IQ and low-light champ just last year.

How I tested this ? Took the RAW files, edit them in LR exactly how I would with my photos, trying to get the best out of them, then export them to 4k resolution. Watched them at fullHD and watched them at 4K. Yep, confirmed, the D7100 is visibly better in every way. I guess having double the resolution really helps the D7100, but also the new sensor technology.

Regarding shallow DOF, it doesn't really matters for me. I used both DX and FX in the past, and that was never a problem. Usually I wanted more DOF. When I wanted less, I could always achieve it with DX. That remindes me of one of the best portrait photographers I know, Lawrence Kim, who shot his portraits usually at f/4 on a 5D and that when it wanted the background to blow out completely.

The best for me will be a full frame D7100, which doesn't exists. The 5D Mark III seems like the camera I want, but it costs 3 times as much, and I'm only paying for the slightly superior IQ at high ISO, while being worse at low ISO.

I still have some time to think until I get my paycheck. The D600 does have better IQ overall, although it costs twice as much. But the much inferior AF (performance and coverage) and the lack of instant 100% zoom on focus point makes me think again.  We'll see.

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