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Desktop verus Server use

kelpdiver wrote:

digital ed wrote:

Don't confuse the OS with the GUI. The GUI is the clothes on the person. The OS is the basic character of the person. Many on this thread are forgetting the difference.

Since you can't run Windows without the GUI, there really is no difference.

This is in stark contrast to unix.   While Jim may be picking and rejecting stray linux distributions based on these first GUI impressions, I rarely leave the shell.  Very rarely run X.   It's about the kernel, about the package system, about the memory utilization, and the tools it provides.

I spend my fair share of time in terminals, too.

But, we're talking about desktop use, not server use.

For Desktop use, I want a something that increases productivity with good integration and features that make running GUI based apps easier.

For example, a menu launcher that's more practical that makes it easier and faster to launch applications by simply scrolling up and down through the available categories (Internet, Multimedia, Utilities, etc.) where you instantly see all apps in each category, without having to move right and left, etc. to see the apps available (which some of the newer launchers force you to do, making it slower to find and start the apps you want to use, as I certainly don't remember the exact program names to start all of them).

I also like a panel that lets me easily see what I'm running (including being able to look at specific doc files names, etc. when I have multiple copies of something open, move them to different desktops, etc.).   I also like having good notifications in the panel that integrates well with apps I use.

For example, I have KDE setup so that I see notifications about new e-mail from Thunderbird, when file sync changes are made with dropbox, with great integration with file managers (Dolphin in my case), notification about file downloads completion when using internet browsers, with one click access to the folders the downloads were saved to upon completion, etc. etc. etc.

If you run a lot of GUI based apps concurrently as I do (web browsers, image viewers and editors, file managers, document editors, and more), a decent desktop is a must have if you want to be more productive with multiple apps running concurrently in their own separate windows.

For my purposes, KDE provides that.

But I use a specific theme (Elegance, since it has great contrast by default with the foreground/background colors used in the panel and menus by default to increase readability) with well refined widgets that I use more often.

I also use a "classic" (not newer "kick-off" style) menu launcher with KDE (since I really can't stand the extra effort needed to launch apps using the newer style launcher with extra work moving right and left between categories, etc. to find what you want  -- even if some of the developers think that it looks "cool" to do it that way, since the newer style launcher used by default with KDE is just not as efficient).

My setup is dramatically more efficient than what you'd get with something like Win 8 (even if you're using the desktop versus newer style (formerly known as Metro) UI.

Now, I don't have all of the latest and greatest apps installed, since I'm using a distro with a Debian Squeeze/6.0 base right this minute (and I'll move to the newer Debian Wheezy/7.0 base soon, as it just went to stable status last weekend)     But, I'd rather have the stability offered by it versus put up with the bugs you often find in distros that are trying to use "bleeding edge" packages.

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