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Here you go!

MrScary wrote:  So, what would you do????? Cheers.

Well, for starters, try cleaning the printhead nozzles with the recommended 5% Ammonia solution (also sold in USA and some parts as Windex - and some Cillit Bang products contain that Ammonia too).  Set the printhead into the Change Cartridge position and remove the power lead (Don't turn printer off or the head will just park again).  You can now move the head freely side to side.

Get a strip of linen (like a handkerchief or sheet type material) around 8" long - folded over 3 times.  Soak with the Ammonia solution and squeeze lightly so does not drip.  Place down in the well so you can then move the printhead across with that underneath.  Lift both sides and wipe head a number of times - you will see all the dried ink being cleaned off.  Finally, lay the strip back down and move the head so it is parked over a clean piece and leave for a couple of hours.

Then remove the strip and re-power ON the printer - the head will re-park and do a cleaning cycle.  Then try printing a nozzle check - and do one clean followed by nozzle check.  If not totally clear - repeat the procedure with some clean linen. BTW - some find it helpful to actually use the Ammonia around 25% strength and if necessary, after first doing as described - just park the head over a clean bit overnight.  This has always worked with client's printers - even when have been stored, unused, for a couple of years.  Obviously, Ammonia is cheaper to use and more sensible as that's all it contains, unlike the products mentioned and can be made into a stronger solution as described if that proves necessary.

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