On putting money into 4:3 gear ...

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On putting money into 4:3 gear ...

I read somewhere within this forum a comment by a member suggesting it wasn't wise to be buying 4:3 gear ... particularly bodies.  I forget the exact reasoning behind his/her statement, but I guess we can all imagine why the statement was made.

I happen to disagree. Though the DSLR world has moved well beyond even the flagship E-5's capabilities, nothing available today brand new negates the fact that the E-5, E-3, E-30, E-420, E-1 etc. and nearly the entire line of Olympus lenses still represent excellent photography tools and always will ... provided one is working within their limitations, which I don't think are really all that severe.

I sold all of my Oly gear a couple of months ago. The reason was simple: I do a lot of shooting in ambient light, including indoor work, and the noise levels at higher ISOs simply worked against me. I don't regret my decision, but I do miss the kind of rendering that only the Olympus 4:3 bodies and lenses seem to provide when shooting in good light. So I've decided to have an Olympus 4:3 body and lens around for those times when I'm "in an Oly mood" and when I know that what I want to capture is a good match for the kind of image quality the Oly can provide which, in a word, I call "natural."

I will be purchasing an E-3 and probably a 14-54, maybe V1.

The suggestion that this is unwise only holds true for those who believe (as so many do) that the latest is the greatest by the very fact of it being the latest/newest. If this were so, then cameras like the Leica M7, Zeiss Ikon, Epson R-D1, Nikon D3, Canon 1D Mark III, etc. would have fallen by the wayside a long time ago. But they haven't because no matter what else comes along, they remain great cameras ... often BETTER than the latest/newest.

I happen to drive a 2002 Honda Insight. It was the original hybrid, and its success in the USA paved the way for all of the hybrids now available. It's a small car ... a 2-seater. I purchased it because, as a photographer, I can easily do 300 miles in a single day just to get one shot. Gas prices at the time were really killing me. I was driving an Acura Legend.

My Honda Insight certainly has its limitations. But to this day it remains the car with the lowest emissions of any car available, is capable of 60MPG, handles like a Porche (but unfortunately doesn't look like one from the outside), is currently worth about 50% more than what I paid for it, and it holds each and every single piece of photography gear that I need for a photo assignment. My wife's 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid is roomier, smoother, quieter, heavier and probably safer. But these qualities don't detract from what my 2002 model offers.

I might add that, while I do not profess to know what the future will bring, I do believe that cameras like the E-5, E-3 and E-30 will be sought after for many years to come. There's just something about them.

Thanks for reading.

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