G5 versus PM2 image quality with kit lens

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Re: G5 versus PM2 image quality with kit lens

ed2002 wrote:

I'm leaning towards buying a G5 kit with 14-42 + 45-150 for $540 + tax,

I think I would use the viewfinder for longer telephoto shots, and that package seems like a great deal, but...

I read here that the pm2 has a better sensor and kit lens.  If that's the case I may wish to go that route, and the price of the body and lens look good also.  I really like the small size of the pm2, but think that may hurt with longer shots.  If I go this route which telephoto zoom would you buy.

I have both.  I will agree with the EPM2 having the better sensor and kit lens (I am not a fan of the Panasonic 14-42mm kit lens).  However, remember; the differences between these two sensors is not gigantic, and you would do very well with either one in most situations.

That being said:  The handling of the G5 is VASTLY better than that of the EPM2.  If you are going to be using longer telephoto lenses, the EPM2 is just a wee bit small for comfortable use with them.  Also, the IBIS in the EPM2 is pretty lousy.  It works ok at low shutter speeds, but get up into  the range between 1/125 and 1/250 and you can have some blur artifacts from it.  I actually get much better results if I just leave it off, and use the OIS in the lenses I have with it instead.

In addition; the G5 has a much larger visible area on the LCD, and it does have the articulating screen.  The EPM2's display is nice and bright, and surprisingly visible, but it is much smaller diagonally due to the choices Oly made in native aspect ratio of the LCD.

Then, there is the EVF.  The G5 has an excellent EVF.  On bright days, I use it almost exclusively.  To get a comparable EVF on the EPM2, you are looking at between $170-270 more.  IF you plan on using an EVF regularly with the camera, the G5 really does win for value and useability in this area.

Oh, and the G5 is really quite small....not TINY like the EPM2, but small and nicely ergonomic.

G5 has built in flash, EPM2 comes with a clip on....(it can't use EVF and flash together....)

So, if you plan to use longer lenses or want the EVF, I would absolutely get the G5.  It is a huge bargain at that price, and the image quality is excellent.


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