D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

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Re: D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

d3xmeister wrote:

I'll look for new samples, go to the store again, as I fail to see that 1,5 or 2 stops. I failt to see even 1 stop advantage. But i don't want to buy the D7100 and after that come to the conclusion that those guys were right :)) I am not living in a world where you can retrn a product

I think that if you were to talk to a FF shooter whose done some comparing they would tell you it's easier to get a clean, sharp shot from a FF camera given equal resolution, and that the color depth and retention would be higher.  If you are truly limited in your ability to drop shutter speeds in lower light, or conversely need extremely high shutterspeeds to capture motion, then the FF sensor does offer advantages; you can push it another stop before noise becomes really offensive.  But your findings of about 2/3 to 1 stop mirror a lot of other tester's results.  There are some variations in this advantage with ISO - somewhere around ISO 1600-3200. However, at lower ISOs, the differences have become rather subtle.

If you're looking strictly at noise levels, then you're not getting the whole picture.  On the other hand, if you can't see a difference for your purposes, then you probably shouldn't worry that the D7100 will suddenly become inadequate. On the other hand, many of the advantages of FF become evident only after use, not by reviewing image files. But again, you may never need to question the competency of a DX sensored camera, which is very high indeed.

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