Is it worth upgrading from the epl-1 yet?

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Re: Get EP-3, got mine for $345 refurbished...

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ttan98 wrote:

EPL-5 with kit retail price = $700

It's selling for $550 with kit 14-42 on Amazon and B&H, a decent deal.  Or the OP might want to try the E-M2 body-only for $424, a serious upgrade with the E-M5's 16MP sensor, given he already has many lenses.  He'd be giving up the E-PL5's tilt screen, drive mode dial and removable grip, but it keeps the price down to a bargain level with no sacrifice in IQ.

Sailin' Steve

At that price it may come down further or  is it already factored in because of forthcoming release of EPL-6 !!!

Based on the feedback here I am definitely leaning towards the e-PM2 if the only trade offs are tilt screen, drive mode dial, and removable grip. These features are not worth $125 more to me. Is there any other differences I should take into consideration? I appreciate all the feedback from everyone.

By the way, those prices are the Mother's Day special, which ends today, so you probably want to think about buying today unless you want to wait another month for a Father's day special to come round.....or pay the higher prices that they will go back up to tomorrow.   Seems to be the way Oly works things....

Oh, and I bought the EPM2 on this sale myself this week.  Great little camera, and I do prefer how it sits in hand to the EPL5 (but that's just me....YMMV, of course).


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