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You're making my point

You're making my point.

Read through my last post again.

I pointed out that even though the linux kernel may be the same between many of the available distros, a lot of things are very different, and when I get a bad first impression of a linux distro (which as I pointed out, may be something as simple as the wallpaper, fonts used, menu launcher, etc.), I usually move on to another one, even if it's using my preferred desktop (KDE is what I normally use.

But I use the "Classic" versus "Kick-off"style menu launcher (changeable by right clicking on the menu icon and selecting one or the other), since it's dramatically faster to find what you want to start without moving right and left between categories, etc.; and I use the Elegance Theme (which defaults to great contrast for menus, apps shown running in the panel, etc.; versus the absurd defaults used by many other themes).

I also use a distro based on Debian Squeeze/6.0 (Debian's stable release up until last weekend, since new Debian Release called "Wheezy"/7.0 was just released.  I'd rather have rock solid stability versus a buggy "bleeding edge" distro for day to day use.

Although many of the Ubuntu based distros are well liked (including Mint), keep in mind that they start out with packages from Debian Sid (Unstable) for each new release, trying to work out the bugs in the packages before releasing each new Ubuntu release.  Debian has stable, testing and unstable branches (as well as Experimental if you want the absolute bleeding edge packages); and Ubuntu bases each of their new releases on Debian Unstable packages..

There are just too many choices available anymore, and I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to customize a distro to taste.

That was meant to be a parallel analogy to Win 8.  Even though it may be a good OS "under the covers" (and you may be able to tweak it's look and feel, install third party apps and launchers, etc.) if the UI gives users are bad first impression, it's not going to be well liked by many users trying it.

Yep... I can understand your frustration with the themes used by many modern linux distros, with poor contrast between the foreground and background colors in the panel, menus, etc.  That seems to be the trend lately (as the developers seem to think that kind of thing is "cool"). Sorry, I disagree.

That's what I mean by a bad first impression.

Sure, you can spend time customizing it to taste.  But, it's still going to leave a bad first impression when many users try it (and the Win 8 UI left a very bad first impression with me, as it's one of the most unintuitive UIs I've seen a a long time -- even when compared to many of the UIs that I didn't like when test driving many newer linux distros).

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