Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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I would rather leave the color management on auto and not have to mess with this.  On auto, I just print it from here.  With manual, I click ok and then print.  What else do you need to know?  I haven't changed another settings that I know of.

Since Auto seems to be causing problems, I would suggest trying to get the printer to use the correct paper/printer profile.

In the Main tab of the printer properties dialog:
Select the media type for the Canon paper you are using.
Select a print quality of high or standard
Under color/intensity, choose Manual
Then press the Set button

There are two tabs in this dialog, everything in the Color Adjustment tab should be set to zero or normal.

On the Matching tab:
From the Color Correction dropdown, choose ICM
For the Input Profile, choose Standard
For the Printer Profile, choose the one that matches your Canon paper
For the Rendering Intent, choose Relative Colorimetric

OK out of everything until you get back to where you have a print button. You should now be ready to print.

Brian A

You suggest choosing ICM. I have been using the None setting. If you don't mind sharing, why ICM?

You would choose none, if you want the software (Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, etc) to manage the color. You would select ICM (image color management) to have the driver mange color via the OS's CMM (color management module) using a selected ICC (international color consortium) profile.

Brian A

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