$9.99 12 month CC discount prices for holders of valid photoshop CS licenses

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Re: Please explain

Robgo2 wrote:

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pixd90 wrote:

I have photoshop CS4 and lightroom 4, which does the job. I am not a professional why would I need Photoshop CC.

I have CS6 and Lightroom 4, and I feel the very same way, it does a great job and I have no need for Cloud.

But if you ever upgrade your computer or your operating system, the day will surely come when CS6 will effectively become obsolete and non-functional.  Then you will have to choose between joining CC or looking for an alternative image editing product.  And if the subscription model makes money for Adobe, I would not be at all surprised if they do the same with Lightroom eventually.  This is what happens when one company has a near monopolistic position in a market.  Choices are limited.


I really do not see any reason for me to upgrade my software or my operating system in the future.  I have a new desktop computer that I just purchased along with CS6 and Lightroom4.  That is the only software that I will run on that computer.  I have a laptop with windows 8 as well as a second desktop computer that has windows 7 and if I have to do any upgrading it will be with those two computers. CS6 is only used for me to do my paintings, and I use Lightroom4 for my photography.  I would not have purchased CS6, but I did not care for the plug in that I had to use in CS5 in order to do my paintings.

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