7100 - 1.3 crop?

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krikman wrote:

sr71 wrote:

The crop mode may only help to have more frames possible to shot with highest speeds.
Effectifly I prefer to crop the part of the picture myself from the full picture and do not need that
more pictures fit to the buffer.
I think it is a feature to compensate the small buffer. period.

If you need high speed shooting with a lot of pictures in RAW buy a D4 or shoot in jpg.

No, you're wrong. I prefer crop while shoot and this crop mode is great. For most pictures 24mp is overkill.

Crop mode doesn't really change pixel density from 24mp files...it only changes your framing and FPS ability. It really is just taking digital scissors to a larger file sensor...fast and in-camera so you don't notice. It is still a very helpful feature to some. Nothing wrong with using a smaller sensor if it helps.

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