24mp sensor for m43? 3.2micron pixel pitch!

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Re:More pixels does not mean more noise

John Sheehy wrote:

RicksAstro wrote:

I say bring on the resolution and ditch the AA filters!   Giving an option to do on-camera resolution reduction for raw would be handy as well for those that don't wish to have the larger size images.

I would not say ditch the AA filters.  You would need about 250MP to ditch them safely for 4/3, 1GP for FF.  I would say make them electronic (vary their distance from the sensor or emulate them by shaking the sensor at ultrasonic speeds) with user-selected implementation, based on f-stop, focus distance, and lens (and maybe shutter speed.

Cameras without AA filters are only without problems when used for things like macro with large DOF, or shooting super-tele hand-held, like using a relatively slow (f/5.6) 300 or 400mm lens hand-held with a 2x converter, in which case the resolution limits of the lens will do sufficient anti-aliasing.  I would not want to use a camera without an anti-aliasing filter to shoot architecture or city-scapes with a very sharp lens at f/2.8!  There's such a thing as sharp, and too sharp with gross spatial artifacts.

What about moiré reduction via software? The E-M5 has a sufficiently weak AA filter that it is not unusual to see color moiré. But the LR tool for moiré reduction takes it away without much problem as far as I can tell. Can't say I have found a need to use it very frequently but it seems to work well when I need it.

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