Miami Cruise ship with Nikon A

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Re: I do...

JacquesBalthazar wrote:

Feel the need to chip in: the IQ of the little "A" is indeed astoundingly good. I am absolutely delighted by it, and I will post a few examples when I get the the time.

Whatever you usually do with a 28mm equiv on a DSLR, you can deliver with this minuscule gem.

It is unfortunate that this forum gets saturated with really bad pictures taken with that camera. I sometimes wonder if some of the "example" posts might be commissioned by a competitor: horribly boring subjects, very badly composed images, crappy series. Many of those pictures would be enough to dissuade anyone from giving the "A" a try.

If a camera company wanted to destroy the reputation of one of their competitor's cameras, they could do no better than to give that camera to Photo Perzon.

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