From first effort at street.

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My philosophy

When I feel in the mood I take my camera and I go out. I don't go out with my mind set on a specific style of photography, I am simply taking a walk with my camera.

If you take your camera and say "now I'm going to do some street photography" you'll most likely fail. There are probably only a handful of photographers that can actually say that, go out and snap that perfect artistic photo.

Don't set the bar so high. Just take a walk with the camera, be relaxed, be attentive to your surroundings (without frenetically staring and looking around like a crazy person). Mix it up a little, go into a few shops, have a coffee, sit down once in a while. I find it that quite a few times I stumble over a good photo. Stumbling being the key here, it's not forced, it's not planned. It just happens. It's then I get my best photos.

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