Windows 8 shocker

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Re: Windows8 Commercials in Asia

The real question is, how much does the user experience matter to the target market?  The answer?  It is absolutely a critical success factor.

I know this space having training in user experience. The opinions on this forum don't carry the same weight as the general user or corporate market; most of us here are too technical and are not the target market. Many here understand the difference between the user interface and the OS and know the ways to work around the former in Win8.  Some are simply Win haters and will use any excuse to take pot shots. There is no question that as an OS, Win 8 is better on the traditional non-touch desktop by comparison to Win7 after you take Metro out of the equation. But that matters little to the general marketplace.

MS overreached, and Jim is spot on that first impressions matter hugely and it was too much, too soon for the target market. An analogy is basic web page surfing.  I've studied in great depth end user behavior and metrics as they read a page and leave or stay - and what makes them leave. Although it is not a perfect analogy there are similarities. You only have moments to make an impression and keep the user's attention before they decide to move on.  A bad experience - even momentarily  - and you've lost them , click!  This IS the general user culture and it cannot be understated, glossed over, or dismissed.

I run Win8 on a tablet and on a high end build; I use both user interfaces and I use 3rd party extensions. I also still run Win 7 on another build and multiple OSes in virtual machines, but again, I'm a developer and don't have the luxury to dismiss an OS - that doesn't mean I have to like 'em either.

MS has become an arrogant entity and so have others (Apple included).  Ironically, these were once cultures that were similarly critical of large established entities when they first emerged - and they became worse than those they once targeted. Having been around to witness that reversal as some of you have is a lesson about organizational maturity life cycle we usually only read about on paper.

No, MS won't fail - they just won't succeed to the degree they could have as a company, and continue to flounder in the eyes of investors - and that is the bottom line.


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