From first effort at street.

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With any photograph always ask yourself...

why am I taking it? If there's a reason for it, emphasise that reason.

There seems to be no reason for taking this picture.The couple are unremarkable. The setting is unremarkable. There are people growing out of their heads. Admittedly, it's possible to get lucky with a picture but if you're unsure why you're taking a shot in the first place it's probably destined to fail.

Now to contradict myself slightly, while you're learning, choose a wide enough lens or a setting on a zoom and stick with it. Walk around practising your technique, taking pictures of anyone and everything. Try to take the shot when you're close enough to achieve some intimacy with the subject but far enough away that they can't hear the shutter. Don't make eye contact with them. Take hundreds, practising your framing whilst on the move. Do it without looking through the viewfinder. They're digital, they're free! You can delete them later. Get home and go through them and look at the most successful. Look for trends in them, are they mostly taken from a certain distance away from the subject? Are the best ones those where there subject is isolated? Where there's no clutter in the shot? It's a trial and error process that needs practice.

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