Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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Re: Custom White Balance - Why Not "LEARN" to shoot right the 1st time?

Keith Z Leonard wrote:

WilbaW wrote:

I bet you drive a manual car and regret the loss of the manual choke, right? 

Hey now, I love my manual car!  Of course there is a good argument for it, better gas mileage and better performance, not as much here.

Truth is, I think raw shooting is the manual option - if you want maximum performance and control, you have to shift your own gears...

I suppose if you "get it right" you have less PP work,

It might not be what you mean, but I get the sense from words like that (and what followed) that "right" means something like authentic, rather than how I want the image to look, which fits with the tired old idea that OOC is honourable and editing is lazy and cheating.

at times getting white balance right after the fact is a real pain

Yeah? Do you mean to get it authentic, or how you want it? Would you describe the pain for me so I can understand what that means?

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