D7100 Buffer Issues

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Re: D7100 Buffer Issues

Big45acp wrote:

Can someone explain to me what the "buffer problem" is with the D7100?

And by explain I mean, tell me what you think the camera should do.

i.e. how many frames should you be able to shoot before the buffer is full, how many FPS, what resolution should these frames be, should it be RAW or JPEG, and on average how many frames should you be able to take in say a 15 second period of time?

Most importantly, please include the camera which meets the standard you have provided.

I would like to get some perspective and context to the "problem".

'Small Buffer Size Issue" (SBSI) of D7100 has 3 main aspects: Technical, Product placement and Usefulness.

1. Technical

Fast data rates and bigger memory sizes require all-metal body as heat sync. For example small metal body in fast Nikon 1 V1 often overheats. So for best performance you'll need D4 body anyway.

2. Product placement

Buffer size and continous shooting speed are last specifications left to differentiate $1200 product to $6000 product.

3. Usefulness: Use Sandisk 95 MB/s.

D7100 writes its 30 MB RAW files at 2 fps! It is fast enough to clear buffer instantly. I hardly can overload such speeds. It is actually faster than D300, D7000, D700. (because SD interface of D7100 is of new generation and can write 60+ MB/s)

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