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Re: Generic street photography advice

panos_m wrote:

No. I will insist :). You notice the guy with the big DSLR because you are a photographer and you are interested in other photographers.

Take a look at Joel Meyerowitz at the following video. Watch how his moves (sidesteps, backwards, lean forward always with the camera in the eye) and wonder if it will make any difference if he holds a DSLR or an iphone:

Also a recent personal experience. I was shooting a scene (in a ship) from a close distance. There were two women and a man sitting. I was standing alone in 3-4 meters from them and I was shooting them for maybe 1 minute. I was shooting checking exposure change settings shooting etc. The man looked at me several times but I am sure he didn't "saw" me. I was shooting with a D3 and a 50mm prime (and you know the mirror slap of the D3 can wake you up if you sleep light :)).

I still think it's a poor idea. If someone points at me a dSLR I feel a prey.

Whereas if one uses the LCD and a pancake, and even shoots from the hip, one becomes invisible.

I have many examples of mine:

and here:

There is definitely a change of paradigm with m4/3, the cameras seem born for street shooting.

The main obstacle then is pshychological. It takes b@lls to shoot someone in the face at a 2-3 m. distance, Lamers often accuse me of being a voyeur, but I am just documenting a city. Sometimes I take risks, so one must have a clear intent - if someone asks I just say that I couldn't document a city without its inhabitants.


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