D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

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Re: D7100 vs D600 do you see what I see ?

d3xmeister wrote:

I'll look for new samples, go to the store again, as I fail to see that 1,5 or 2 stops. I failt to see even 1 stop advantage. But i don't want to buy the D7100 and after that come to the conclusion that those guys were right :)) I am not living in a world where you can retrn a product

So you live in Russia.

About hi-ISO advantage:
don't bother at all. While correctly exposed all new cameras makes perfectly clear photos upto ISO12800. On another side in bad lighting only D4 makes somewhat good picture at ISO1600+. D800 and D600 sucks just as D700, D7000 and D7100 in these bad conditions (i.e. luminiscent lighting with 133 or 142 class tubes and 50-60Hz inductive balast).

Number of keeper photos belongs to camera responce and your willingness to use it. i.e. when you happy with your camera your photos looks good, othervise no technologies makes you happy. All new Nikon cameras in D7100...D4 range including D600 and D800 are good enough to not bother about IQ.

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