real world focusing: D600 vs D7100

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Re: real world focusing: D600 vs D7100

hiro_pro wrote:

I currently have a d7000 and it is a good camera. the main problem i am having with it is focus accuracy.  i find that indoors and in low light situations i start to get a lot of focus misses.  i have seen the camera miss the person 20 feet away and focus perfectly on the wall 10 feet behind them.  this is especially true at longer ranges and when shooting between f1.4 and 2.8.  i generally use the center focus at its tightest setting.  i press the shutter half way down to focus, recompose and shoot.  this works most of the time but not enough.  i have learned a bunch of tricks that help like aim at a high contrast point on the person (i.e. the line between a white shirt and black jacket) instead of the eyes but i am getting to the point where i would rather have a camera that works better.

so now i am thinking about the d600 or he d7100.  we have all read that the d7100 has a better focus system or at least on paper.  i am wondering if anyone has any real world experience focusing the two cameras particularly on moving subjects and can give me a recommendation.

Both D600 and D7100 are a large step forward in focus accuracy and snapping. Both needs careful AF-adjustements for lenses, both tracks well AF in low light.They are different mainly in AF coverage area, which is ridiculous small in D600, taking account its larger sensor.

On another side the relative single focus point area in D600 is about twice as smaller, making precise focusing little easier. Anyway most lenses aren't as good wide open at 2/3 as in center area, making widespread AF points not so useful.

So you'll get better AF anyway, which still not guarantee you from good technics and tricks while focusing. Especially choosing between 3d tracking and 9 or 21 points.

Personally I tend to recompose on D600 and use tracking on D7100.

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