We really have a very good lenses choice. Agree ?

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Zooms damage photography...

I think it was Mike at TOP who remarked that in lens evolution the 1970s introduced this trend which caused perspective confusion in photogs. , sacrificed on the altar of comfort and laziness.

One of the most attractive sides of m4/3 is the abundance of primes, as if it were a Leica Redux.

I keep downsizing so now I am down to two native primes, two 4/3 zooms, and two legacy lenses.

However no need to sacrifice the digital advantage. One can have rock steady legacy teles thanks to IBIS.

I have also discovered how good the E-M5 *digital teleconverter* is, resolution wise. So say that I shoot with the P 14/2.5 at 28mm eq. and at the push of a button - presto! - I have a 56mm eq!

However, my beloved Jupiter 9 85mm becomes an f2/ 340mm eq.!

Let's not forget also the coming Speed Booster that will lift limits in wides and UWAs.

Primes are really the saving grace of m4/3. Sadly 4/3 henchmen, engrossed in the alleged superiority of their zooms, will be the last to understand it.


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