Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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Re: Custom White Balance - Why Not "LEARN" to shoot right the 1st time?

WilbaW wrote:

I bet you drive a manual car and regret the loss of the manual choke, right? 

Hey now, I love my manual car!  Of course there is a good argument for it, better gas mileage and better performance, not as much here.  I suppose if you "get it right" you have less PP work, but that doesn't really mean it has to be JPG.  I do like using Custom White Balance when I can though, at times getting white balance right after the fact is a real pain, it's much better to nail that aspect of things on site if you can.  Sometimes you can't, no time, in the film era the "method" would be to not get the shot, one of the benefits of digital.

You don't need RAW, you don't need photoshop.  Learn to use Custom White Balance, get it right the 1st time.  In the old days, people are more careful with their exposure/WB balance/ and composition.  Today, all we have is lazy shooter who fixed everything Photoshop.  Theser are not photographer, just software manipulator.

Some sour grapes here, but I can relate to an extent.  It's tough when you master something difficult only to have technology help make it not as difficult anymore.  Digital processing is here to stay, like it or not, and some aspects are best left to later decisions.  It seems silly to throw out 3 stops of DR from your camera because Photoshop offends you.  Generally everything will go better if you can get it as right as you can the first time, but even for shots I nail everything processing the RAW on the computer yields better results than the in camera jpg engine.

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