Comparison photos of GR and GRD IV bodies

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Comparison photos of GR and GRD IV bodies

I stopped into Samy's Santa Ana CA store this afternoon to buy some seamless background paper and met the Pentax Ricoh sales rep who was there doing demo's of the entire product line. I had my GRD IV with me and it turned out the rep had one of only a few GR's that are in the U.S.

While he advised that I couldn't post any images shot with the GR since firmware is not final, he said it was ok if I took a few comparison photos of the GR and my GRD IV so you can see the subtle differences between the two bodies.

Since my GRD IV was serving as a model, I used my phone to take these photos. As you can imagine, the lighting in the store was terrible so I had to resort to shooting both cameras at various angles to eliminate the harsh shadows and reflections. In a few shots, there ia a bit of distortion of the camera in the foreground making it appear slightly bigger than it really is. Nonetheless, I think these photos give you a fairly accurate side-by-side comparison.

After handling the camera and chatting about the changes in the GR vs the GRD IV, I left the store feeling really glad I ordered my GR from Popflash on the day the GR was announced. Hope these comparison images are helpful or of interest to some of you.



The GR is approximately 3/8" wider than the GRD IV

Ignore the foreground distortion, the GR is the same depth as the GRD IV

Profile of both lenses extended fully when powered "on"

Top view showing extension of both lenses

Subtle difference in how Power buttons are illuminated

Note differences in design of External AF sensor and AF auxiliary light

When placed on their backs, the GR grip appears to be very slightly taller than GRD IV

Subtle change in edge of body on GR vs GRD IV

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