Is it better for me to shoot JPEG as opposed to RAW if I dont do any PP?

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Re: Custom White Balance - Why Not "LEARN" to shoot right the 1st time?

007peter wrote:

Call me traditional,

Okay, "you're traditional". 

but I prefer the FILM METHOD - get it right the the 1st time!

I bet you drive a manual car and regret the loss of the manual choke, right? 

You don't need RAW, you don't need photoshop.  Learn to use Custom White Balance, get it right the 1st time.  In the old days, people are more careful with their exposure/WB balance/ and composition.  Today, all we have is lazy shooter who fixed everything Photoshop.  Theser are not photographer, just software manipulator.

The obvious fault in your logic is the assumption that you can always know what "right" is going to be before you open the shutter. Unless my purpose is some kind of supposedly technically correct record shot, right is what feels good when I'm editing the image, and that will be different from one session to the next. I accept that you get a buzz out of your film method (a silly analogy since you can't change things like the WB and tone curve of film with the camera settings), but I also get a kick out of the artistic process of working the image.

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