Lightroom 5 Beta and Snow Leopard

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Re: I ran into the same issue, however

mustaphapashu wrote:

I totally agree with you about this and you can add one other gripe: ML runs very slowly on anything but the newest hardware. The art institute I teach at has had major speed issues in their computer labs with the iMacs that were updated to ML.

That might be though because of RAM?

Afterall the later the OS, the more it uses native code, which should make it faster. For me, the steps to new OS's have always increased performance, not the other way around.

With the exception of OS 9 to OS X. Because OS 9 was very clean and simple (although it crashed).

OS X has all sorts of Unix compromises - such as the printer system, which in the old Mac OS's, was beautifully simple. And then there were the layers of old OS 9 compatibilities. The later the software, the less there are of those.

Still - one has to suck it to see unless one has a decent machine with enough RAM when running favourite programs.

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