60mm 2.8 macro - Experiences and pictures

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Brian Wadie
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Re: 60mm 2.8 macro - Experiences and pictures

These are a good start but as you say, its tricky to get sharp shots hand-holding with any macro lens.

I shoot a lot of bugs, bees and butterflies and for > 90% work hand-held as the types of shot I am after aren't feasible from a tripod. If its a long session I will sometimes use a mono-pod but that is as much to reduce the strain on my arthrititc shoulders as it is to stabilise the camera

I find that the IBIS system on the EM-5 is an enormous help as is the use of flash if the natural  lighting is inadequate

A technique I have found works for me is not to try to hold the camera stable but to use SAF to get intial focus lock then holding the shutter button half depressed to rock my body back and forth to get final focus lock on the eye of the subject (using the EVF not the LCD - I can't get that to work for me as I can't hold the camera stable enough).

Pressing the shutter is done whilst still moving, just as the eye detail comes into focus.

It took a while to get this method to work consistently but now its instinctive and I find I can't get the shots with a static hand-held camera (I shake too much)

A few examples, all with the EM-5 but some with the 60mm, others with a panny 45 macro or the kit lens in macro mode

(I should point out that many, if not all are crops, even when shot at 1:1 with minimum focal distance I often can't see the detail I'm after but the image files carry so much information they respond well to cropping)

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