OMD vs EPM-2 vs EPL-5

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Re: OMD vs EPM-2 vs EPL-5

Bernard au Clairvaux wrote:

So I bought the MMF-3 and the VF-2, and had them hold the EPM-2 while I think it over.

OMD is way more expensive, but I could return the viewfinder, and could get the grip later I suppose.

If you could tell me is there anything that the EPM-2 vs EPL-5 can do that the OMD can not?

Yes, the My Sets are easier to use; you can permanently make the AF box smaller; and there are some small refinements to the IQ that may or may not be actually noticeable in real life .

Can you make the AF selection box smaller? and is it something that doesn't stay, and needs to constantly re set?

It stays on the EP series, but has to be reset on the OMD, although there is a workaround that some have figured out.

I found the EPM-2 better to hold, probably because on the other one, the screen is rocking where you grip it with the left hand.  I found that annoying and made me wonder a bit about the durability.  But to be honest, I probably wouldnt be tilting the screen alot and would prefer it didnt.  The tilting viewfinder would do the trick.

I had the EXACT same experience with the EPL5.  I found in uncomfortable to hold and the screen bulky on such a small camera.  The EPM2 fits my hand better (just spent all day out with it today, and had a great time using it; the EPL5 got me very frustrated after about an hour out with it, and I ended up sending it back).

I then played with an OMD with the 2 part grip, and found I really liked the feel of that camera with the single grip by itself and with the two parts together as well.  Removing grip to change battery was a pain though.  I played with this camera without the grip and felt that it rocked as well.  It depends how you hold it.  Probably less of an issue with a larger lens, but it was very stable with the grip.

My orig intent was to buy the cheaper camera and use it with the kit lens and the PL 25mm.

I can still return the 2 items I bought and see what is in store on 4/3.  I don't really need this.

If you like the OMD, then you should probably find a way to get one.....but they are still not cheap.  Another option is to get the cheapest body with the current sensor now, build up your lens selection over the next year or so, and then pick up an OMD body when they come down in price when the new version is released sometime in the next 6-8 months or so.  I think it all depends on your budget and what features you can and cannot live without....for me personally, that focus box size thing on the OMD was one of the big reasons I decided against it; now that they went to having the small focus box in the EP's, I was pretty happy to give them a try...

I would like the better IBIS, but it's not a giant deal for me.  I'm very used to shooting with OIS and no IBIS since I have been using Panasonics for years, and the IBIS in the EP's is kind of lousy.  (I turned it off on my outing today after getting pretty noticeably worse results with it in my shots yesterday evening with it on (I was in the shutter speed range where the EP IBIS is known to introduce some blur, and boy did it ever...) ).  The OMD is in another league in this respect, so if that is important to you, then it might be a much better choice.

Last question:  For those that like having control, how much of a pain is it changing settings without the mode dial? Wouldn't be bad if it were like the E3/5.

I don't find the on-screen control particularly bothersome, it's right there with a button press, but that is one of those things that only you can decide for yourself.  I don't switch modes that much, though.

Touugh decisions!


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