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Re: First impressons, the UI matters


I think your criticism and first impression problem most deserve to be applied to Linux distributions before anything else. Sorry to say this and sincerely, I have always hoped Linux will succeed someday as a viable alternative to Windows. However so far, Linux has not been able to penetrate into the minds of masses except for a small percentage of users who don't mind scratching their heads when a something breaks or doesn't work.

I quit Linux 8 years ago and didn't go back to it until a couple of months ago and I feel things haven't got any better if not worse. Even simple things sometimes are broken and don't work. After trying a couple of distros, I have now settled down on Mint (with KDE) which seems being the best one working out of the box and having the kind of desktop environment I prefer most (KDE). But there have still been problems. Nvidia drivers don't install; the text on the taskbar manager were so low contrast in their background color,  I couldn't read them (this problem exists in Ubuntu and other versions of Mint). I somehow managed to screw the taskbar manager several times and had a hard time  to get it back to normal, etc. Another negative aspect IMO: trying to hide the aspects of a Linux environment that are different from Windows such as terminal and multiple desktops. You see, trying to make it look like a Windows XP/7 has not succeeded in attracting Windows users.

I most rather avoid UI which involve menus in menus in menus which seems some Linux graphical environments are stock too (perhaps imitating Windows as much as possible with a similar 'start button/menu' UI; you wonder why all these unhappy people with windows 8 and its lack of start button didn't switch to Linux then?!).

As per Windows 8 alienating some users, as I mentioned I can't care for less for Windows 8 being successful or not and for all these negative reactions . Why should I care if a product a large corporate has released will succeed or not (I don't work for that corporate)?

Anyway, in a couple of years, all these complaints and unhappy users will be forgotten; new systems and new UI's will have replaced old interfaces including XP and even metro.... I think we individual consumers should be more concerned about other aspects of technology and its market aspects than little changes in the UI: application stores, software subscription/rental scheme replacing the selling scheme, etc. I believe these changes can pose us a real threat: imagine you will never be able to buy a house because all houses are owned by large corporations who are not willing to sell them. They only rent them so that you will always remain a tenant, in a relation of such nature and under the power a landlord can pose upon its tenants. Example: look at the Adobe CC subscription agreement policy: it says Adobe has the right to terminate the subscription contract 'at any time', 'for any reason', 'without prior notice' and consumers have no right to object. Imagine all software companies including MS, and Apple start the same practice: you can no longer buy an OS but only to rent it on a month to month basis with them having the right to cancel the subscription at any time they wish hence shutting down your system when they wish so.

Imagine MS shuts down the computers of all those who criticized Windows 8 so that their voices could not be heard by simply terminating their subscription. Under the above kind of agreement, MS will have the authority to do so. Adobe can also terminate the subscription of those who said something Adobe didn't like. Well, it kind of happened to me once: I was banned and my membership in an Apple forum was suspended simply because I criticized one aspect of the Mac system (I don't remember what it was about but I can probably find it). That was all I did: I didn't insult anybody, I wasn't aggressive, my language wasn't offensive, etc..

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