All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

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smallrewards wrote:

hmmm I thought I read post earlier by someone.....mentioning vignetting....  Honestly though, at 19 and 30 it is unavoidable, as are distortion. I am sure they are fine, but the glass is SO important there is a good chance the op will regret not maxing quality if his budget allows, or he may well regret not getting the traditional d SLR

I certainly hope not, but I have to believe that even if I ultimately were to conclude that a DSLR would have made more sense, I won't hit the limitations of the NEX and the available lenses for quite some time.  I know I have a lot to learn and I know that the NEX is capable of great results in the meantime.  If a traditional DSLR is in my future (and I somehow doubt it) the NEX would still be the travel camera of choice.

so what are you leaning toward? And what is your primary purpose(s) to shoot? Ilove my NEX and you probably will to, but quality e mount glass is still not up to par with the diversity of canon and Nikon of course.

to gamma ' DOF is obviously critical, but at infinity or hyper focall distances, as is usually the case beyond a few meters, a wide aperture becomes meaningless unless you want foreground blur at the expense of sharpness, contrast, colors, and other potential problems. This is reality for all lenses wide open, though some more than others.

separately, Several people in this thread have commented on iq not being incredible or being great per the price, given that....there is a healthy list of reasons to consider the 35 1.8

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