All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

smallrewards wrote:

hmmm I thought I read post earlier by someone.....mentioning vignetting....  Honestly though, at 19 and 30 it is unavoidable, as are distortion. I am sure they are fine, but the glass is SO important there is a good chance the op will regret not maxing quality if his budget allows, or he may well regret not getting the traditional d SLR

you should really stop down on tripod scenic shots. Do some tests, you will find a big difference for a variety of reasons.

I think glass quality is important until differences are imperceptible. The value of the Sony 35 for the OP should be the max aperture, not the glass quality. I can say with a reasonable level of confidence (85%? I dunno) that the OP will not know the difference between the Sigma 30 and the Sony 35 in a blind test of equivalent apertures under standard viewing conditions.

Also, people stop down primarily for two reasons: sharpness and depth of field. The Sigma is sharp wide open, and depth of field is an artistic tool. There's no major reason a person "should" stop down with the Sigma, with or without a tripod.

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