I have a question regarding cloud computing...

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Re: I have a question regarding cloud computing...

pavi1 wrote:

While you may not like it, in not too many years from now  most computers will no longer have storage or at most very little. You will access your software and data from the "cloud". Everywhere you go on the planet your software and data will be available. I would not be surprised if even windows is monthly subscription.

At work our tax and accounting software is currently available both ways. We use the numer one software in the accounting industry. The vendor is currently offering their complete suite cloud based including data storage. we are betting sooner than later we will be using the web base application. No more servers with daily backups, no more transporting data from office to safe on a daily basis, no more shutting down 50 employees for software updates. It is the future for most, like it our not us old guys are dying out and will not be a part of the future.

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There are two issues with 'cloud storage'. One is government access. The last few years have shown how much of a joke is it to believe in any talk of due process or legal guarentees of individual rights. The other is the entire cloud storage depends on satellite communication which could be destroyed very quickly with a large solar flare. There are also human intentional acts which could take out a good percentage of satellites in international conflicts. There are positives though as it is a good backup in case of a local situation of a house fire or theft or hard drive failure.


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