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Eric Carlson wrote:

ilysaml wrote:

You sure about that?  Do you edit and/or upload several hundred images a year?  What do you think about discovering in 5 years time that several thousand images you've edited were actually edited so as to induce a color caste in the images that was not visible on your personal monitor?

.I'm not getting you here, more sight on this is much appreciated.

He's saying a a hardware calibrator is not (just) for printing. It is so that your monitor has accurate color and brightness, so that when you edit photos, they will also look correct on anyone else's calibrated display too. If you don't calibrate with a hardware calibrator, your edited photos might only look correct on your monitor.

And, the reverse is also true, if your monitor is not calibrated, then you might not be seeing other peoples photos correctly either.

Thank you for clarification, I won't be printing, I'm sure about this but i said in my first post that I want to calibrate my monitor for accurate color reproduction with certain software like Spyder Pro or nay other professional online tool. I don't have another $300 for a calibrator neither I want to print at least right now.

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