6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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Re: 6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

qianp2k wrote:

Some shots this time in zoo is FL limited such as lions that stay at far end of the rock.  I need 500L there.  I tried 100-400L+1.4x TC III at F8.0.  It's bigger certainly but a bit noisier and noticeable softer.  It seems cropping is slightly better in this case. TC with lens vs cropping depends on quality of lens.  With super-tele lens, TC is (much) better.  With mediocre lens such as 100-400L at F8.0 with TC, not really.  I will try airshows in next two months, Memorial Day weekend Jones Beach show in Long Island first.  Oh yeah, airshows are pretty FL limited that 400mm is not enough except last closing show with big jets.  I want to see if 5D3 can withstand 10mp 1D3 with a little higher pixel density.  1D3 shoots 10fps with 30-raw buffer that is critical to capture some precise moments, also AF faster with stronger battery, also very clean in shadows and no banding after heavy lifting.

I always feel like the key element to airshows is getting the right spot, also a bit of luck.  Sadly they are not doing them here anymore (stopped last year).  I did the same with my 100-400, shooting with the teleconverter wasn't bad, but wasn't great either.  The Bigma 50-500 OS is a bit better at 500 than the 100-400 + 1.4x, though still softer than I'd care for generally.  Seems like to get 500mm you really need to drop some $$$ on one of the big primes, but I don't really think I've felt FL limited at any zoo.  Different at the wild animal parks, there I need to crop 500mm shots at times.  Again keep in mind with your shadow lifting experiments that the pixels of the 5D3 are more magnified than those of the 1D3, resampling should be done to equalize that before pixel peeping.

Again though, it's not as though the 7D is horrible either, a lot of people use it for shooting weddings and like professionally.  The price/feature aspect has a lot to do with the decision making process here I would think.  Either one is a fine choice for a back up camera, I'd lean 6D if it's all wedding stuff and one can afford it.

Nobody said that.  7D and APS-C certainly remains a nice choice in birding especially small birds as even 800L is not long enough.  Nevertheless current 7D has first generation of Canon 18mp sensor that its high ISO and shadow quality are not that good that most agreed.  Wait and see if Canon next generation of APS-C sensors can significantly improve shadow noise, eliminate banding and improve DR and high ISO to at least current Sony/Nikon/Toshiba 24mp DX sensors level.

It's often not said explicitly but it's heavily implied by many (yourself included), so perhaps you should mention that at times during the APS-C hate-fest threads so as to make your position more apparent to those reading the threads for the first time.  You and I have talked through SO MANY of them that I think we're pretty clear on our positions, but for first time readers though I think it can be confusing.

I doubt that Canon will "catch up" in dynamic range to the Sony design in the next sensor generation though, as that's what we are talking about here, for the 100000000th time this month.  I'd love my 5D3 to be better in this area too, but I'm not going to cry over it and sell my gear and stop enjoying taking photographs.  

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