32 GB SD card in 5D3-How many images in JPG Large?

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Dual card buffer size :-(

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I've also heard that if you have a fast CF and a slow SD, you will only be able to save pics as fast as your slowest card...

It's not even a matter of if you have a slow SD - the SD interface itself is slow, so the option of RAW to CF, JPEG to SD, which sounds great, is not the best call if you're going to do burst shooting.  Unfortunately they crapped the bed a bit on this.

Yep, the dual slots sounded good in theory, but not so good in actual implementation.  I often shoot moving wildlife, so to get as much burst capacity as possible, I use fast CF cards.  The only time an SD card has been in the camera is to do an in camera copy of the CF to SD, because my ASUS tablet has a SD card slot.


Shooting RAW onto a 32GB CF card the buffer depth is 17 images. However, shooting RAW to a CF card and large JPEG to a SD card, buffer depth drops to 7

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