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Re: ND filter question

baneling wrote:

the problem is, what if i want both an ND 10 stop screwed onto the lens and a 3 stop grad slide in?  can that be done?

I don't quite understand your use of the gray card.  is there an article online that describes your procedure in more detail?

Mmm.. er okay I thought I had explained the grey card pretty straight forward..

I would just google: 'How to use a grey card for white balance' or something to that effect.
That stack you talk of depends on the lens and focal length used. The higher you stack anything, the more chance of Vignetting. You would at least need a Cokin Z pro size holder.
I have a Nikon 24-70mm and at 24mm it can take a screwed on filter plus filter holder with only 2 slide holders out front with no vignetting. The third slide holder was put on the rear, out of the way, to stop the vignetting. If I add anything else, I then have to take it to around the 28mm mark.
If im doing long exposure's, I use the screw on B+W ND 10 and on top of that a screw on Hoya pro circular polarizer. At ISO 200 with that stack, an f2.8 lens at f16 in blistering hot bright sun, Im getting correct exposures at around the 60 seconds mark..

What software do you use?

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