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First impressons, the UI matters

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WOW, these ads will really make the Asian market gobble up Windows8 (although the "piano" ad is pretty cool). Kind of a strange way of promoting  the "touch" feature, wish they'd put their creative energies and money into their OS development.


Don't confuse the OS with the GUI. The GUI is the clothes on the person. The OS is the basic character of the person. Many on this thread are forgetting the difference.

First impressions

I "test drive" new Linux distributions on a regular basis.

Many of them are based on the same underlying Linux Kernels, yet are using a different Desktop, Window Manager, configuration utilities, default "themes", menu launchers, etc.

For example, you can find lots of linux distros that all use Ubuntu as their base.  But, some use the KDE Plasma Desktop (my personal favorite), others use the Xfce Desktop, others use the LXDE Desktop, others use the Ghome 3 Desktop, while the default Ubuntu Desktop is now Unity.

There are a number of others available, too (all running on top of the same Ubuntu base).

Also, even with distributions using the same desktop, you see a dramatic difference in them because of the themes used, fonts, menu launchers, included utilities, software managers, and much more.

IOW, I may discard using one distribution using an Ubuntu base with a KDE Desktop, just because it's theme isn't setup as nicely a different distro.

It's all about First Impressions.

When I test drive a Linux distro that gives me a bad first impression (which may be something as simple as the wallpaper used by default, or the fonts used, or the way the menu launcher is designed, I move on to another distro.

IOW, it's just not worth the hassle to mess around spending a lot of time customizing a badly designed UI from my perspective, as there are just too many other choices around now.

A bad first impression is what I see mentioned a lot about Windows 8.

I certainly had a very first impression when test driving it (and that includes the developer and consumer previews of it), even though I installed a different menu launcher almost immediately.

Sure if you're a "tech savvy" user, you can find utilities that let you tune it more to taste, so that it behaves more like Win 7, and would work in a way that's more familiar to users of previous Windows versions.

But, I suspect that many purchasers of computers with Win 8 installed are just going to let everyone know that it stinks, and either return them to the vendor they purchased them from, or learn to live with it and constantly tell others how bad it is.

Sorry, IMO, Microsoft is alienating a lot of users with the way they handled the Win 8 design.  If they would have simply given users a choice as to how it works during the install (offering them a choice between a traditional UI, or one that's optimized for touch screen devices), then I think Win 8 would have been a "hit".

But because they tried to force users into seeing the new style UI (formerly known as Metro), regardless of the type of display a user has, market share of Win 8  stinks in comparison to the last few Windows releases so far.   Vista was a very "hot seller" if you look it's market share this far after it's product launch when compared to Win 8.  IOW, compared to some of the previous Windows releases, Win 8 is a huge "flop".

You can blame that on other factors.  But, IMO, it's mostly Microsoft's fault for trying to change too much, too soon, despite the type of computer and display the OS is being used with.

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