Is 1 stop worth $1200 to you?

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Re: Is 1 stop worth $1200 to you?

No, it doesn't worth (IMHO).

My first L lens was a 70-200:4 (non IS). Bought in 2008.

1. Sometimes, I asked myself if "the need of the big jump": 70-200:2.8LIS. Four times the price!

2. Sometimes, I asked myself if "the need of the not so big jump": 70-200:4LIS. two times the price! Not so bad...

3. Stayed with the 70-200:4L (non IS). I like the color and sharp image it delivers. Still can't justify the need of IS and weather sealing of the F4 IS version. And sharper images? Probably. I think my copy is very good.

So I bought the 200:2.8L II. Mine was cheaper than a 70-200:4L (non IS). Shorter and lighter. And discreet (black). And use TC's, also. Bought in 2009.

...half of the price of the 2.8LIS II, and I bought 2 lenses.

...same price of the 2.8LIS II, and I bought 3: added the 100-400LIS(!). Now, I can justify the need of IS, because it's the longest focal lenght I have and it's F:5.6. And has faster focus than any 70-200 (2.8 or 4) with a TC. Even a 100-400L it's lighter than a 70-200:2.8. Bought in 2012.

I decided this way. Probably, some disagreed.

...but I can justify the use of any of these three lenses, between portraits, landscape and sports.

And it's doesn't hurt (in your pocket) so much buying 3 L lenses in 4 years...

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