Apple's golden opportunity re Aperture: the possibility of Lightroom in the cloud

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Re: One key part of LR is already going cloud -- Bridge

Robert Peters wrote:

Daniel Bliss wrote:

people who have Lightroom and still have their sanity either use Adobe Bridge — which is part of the CS, soon to be CC suite — or else they have to use a third-party application already like PhotoMechanic.

What is the basis for this statement?  Where did you get the information?

I also do not understand the statement. Bridge is extremely clumsy as a DAM and drives me up the wall. Lightroom has much more efficient shortcuts, filters, and aids for keywording and other metadata...organizing goes a lot faster in Lightroom. Lightroom will reliably maintain the data in its database. Bridge can lose folder metadata at any time (sort order, etc.) because it relies on caches.

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