Giottos ballhead with Arca Swiss plates?

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Re: Giottos ballhead with Arca Swiss plates?

newtoy wrote:

D2X user wrote:

I have a Giottos MH1300-657 ball head.  I'm looking to replace the generic Giottos cork camera plate with a custom body plate from Really Right Stuff, Kirk, Marken, etc.  I know the Giottos ball head is different because of the security pin that prevents their camera plate from slipping off.  If I opened up the clamp, would I be able to top load another manufacturer's plate?  It appears there are variations to Arca Swiss, not all being compatible.


Check here to see if that help answer your question:

I read the OP as wanting to use other types of Arca plates. Your response tells him how to change the entire quick release.

The answer is yes he can use any Arca standard camera plate but the safety stop will only work with the Giotto Arca type plates.

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