Thunderbolt Display Poor Quality/Compare with iMac before buying

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Re: Thunderbolt Display Poor Quality/Compare with iMac before buying

Its funny how a poster here said the iMac 24" was a lower resolution display.

That is not quite accurate. Sure, there are less pixels.

But ... the 24" displays larger text. Its actually much easier on the eyes.

Windows allows one to vary the text size. Its very difficult to do on the Mac, and cause major problems (using Unix commands).

I tried a 27" screen on my Power Mac, and did not like it.

I ended up buying a ColorEdge CG243W Eizo monitor - a 24" one. Its even better than the iMac 24" display.

If you like a 24", stick with it. You can buy a good quality Dell 24" monitor, although they are not much cheaper than the top 27" dell monitor. But that is for a reason - they work really well. Eizo ones are better, but the choice is complex, as there are many, and some are costly.

With the savings you'll make over the Apple (and buy the Dell when its on special), you can buy a calibration device. And if you print, a ColorMunki. That way, you'll have a better system than you'd have had IMO, from buying the Apple Thunderbolt solution.

Of course, you could always sell your Mac Mini and just buy the latest iMac. When the new iMacs' prices drop, and well then, you won't have lost any money at all. You could buy a refurb.

Then again, you could buy a used or refurb Mac Pro, and enjoy the capacity and reliability.

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