Lightroom 5 Beta and Snow Leopard

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Re: I ran into the same issue, however

CameraCarl wrote:

It isn't the cost, obviously, is it?  I'm used to Snow Leopard.  It runs fine on my old machine. All my current software and peripherals and drivers are happy with it. So why would I want to upgrade and have to learn my way around a new operating system just to get "features" (sic) that are meaningless to me?  Some of us don't need/want the latest and greatest that Apple offers (forces).  That is why my cameras are all at least one generation old, my smart phone is so old it is almost dumb, I don't drive new cars, I still read books and newspapers printed on real paper, and my glasses don't talk back to me.

But you want the Beta LR/5? !! 

Here'w what you should do.

Buy another external drive - they are cheap now.

Get the SuperDuper dmg, and install it.

Connect your new drive, and then let SuperDuper put the whole contents of your drive, including your OS, onto the external drive.

Then, boot from your external drive, and see that despite the slow boot, that it is running as before.

Now, you can install the new OS, either on the external drive (having booted from it), or, you can install it on your native drive, and see you things go there.

If you don't like things, then you can go back. The only issue will be how you handle your files if you go back to the older OS.

But its easy enough to try. Its even possible to - after you've booted on the external drive - to format your native drive again and put in a partition - and install - using Super Duper again - from your external onto one of your native drive's partitions - your current OS. And then do it again to the other partition, and then upgrade one of those into the new OS. That way, things will run quickly.

Only problem with all that is time. But an extra drive is cheap, and a useful backup. Something well worth it especially if all your stuff is far from new. Hard disks always fail over time.

Oh and by the way - I have LR/4 and Aperture, and CS-6 too - but I've found that Aperture is much more productive for me. Its file system is much better for me. So I wasted my money on LR. Apertures great IMO, and much easier to learn too. And it prints beautifully too.

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