All purpose lens set for beginner?

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Re: All purpose lens set for beginner?

just a fyi. in practice 1.33 stops is very significant. Often times normal home, restaurant, museum low light at 2.8 will leave you, in my experience, iso 1600 and 1/60th max, often much lower, 1/15-1/30th being quite common.

This problem is compounded by the fact that, if you are the type of person that will carry a tripod out with your sweetheart at night on vacations, regularly, then you are going to care about quality.This has several key implications.

First, while 1600 ISO looks solid on nex, and is great for casual family photos (though it still bothers me for those too), it DOES cause for lack of contrast, sharpness, and color reproduction. This is unavoidable, and the more you learn the more easily you will spot it and be disgusted by it. I use Legacy glass personally, and have developed a keen eye for sharp focus, and now i try to avoid 1600 at nearly any cost. I use it if I must, but i see the difference immediately.

Thus, if you are planning to really devellop this as a hobby, print photos, be proud of them and have fun with it, then you are going to want to avoid ISO 1600 eventually.

If we look at the math, and suppose that at 2.8 you are shooting ISO 1600 and a common 1/30th. If there is any fast movement, turning of the head, kids doing practically anything, etc, motion blur will be present. However, at 1.3 stops faster you have the ability to go from ISO 1600-ISO800, and drop your shutter speed to 1/40th. That extra speed will easily elliminate much basic motion blur. And, if you want, you can easily boost that up to ISO 1600 1/80th, and now you have the ability to capture significatn motion and control your shots in a fashion that 2.8 simply can not possibly yield

You will also never be able to produce the DOF effects that you can with faster speeds, which is a significant advantage that can not be downplayed, making many regular shots look truly fantasitic for family and friends.

Secondly, possibility, if you are regularly using a tripod. you are probably going to be interested in overall IQ when stopped down more than anything. As you use it more and more you will develop a keener eye, and you will start to hate those blurred corners, and distortion, and vignetting, etc more and more as time goes.

Thus, for someone that plans to really develop the hobby, there are signficiant reasons to prefer the Sony 35, and I believe it is entirely justifiable cost-wise.

However, after all that, I have to come back to my original point, if you are with me still....what is YOUR purpose? We need to know the applications you need it for, then we can really offer advice. If you do not know, forget abouta new lens for now, and just explore what you have until you hit its limits.

For me, I tried to take pictures at a ballet recital, and they looked like crap. I had plenty of reach, but it was just too slow and noisy. Then, I tried to get pictures of my daughter playing around at home, and I kept getting more and more dissatisfied, and I realized I needed something faster. Then wider, etc, until I found a good combo to meet MY needs.

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