Who own the copyright and why?

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Re: Who own the copyright and why?

absentaneous wrote:

CosmoZooo wrote:

It bothers me that the photographer can use my photos as he please and can restrict the way I use the photos myself. It bothers me that photographers do not take the time to explain those nuances when they take the job.

actually, I don't think he can use your photos as he pleases if it's you on the photos or other people then he can't use them without your permission not even on his blog or something because just because you allowed him to take a picture of you doesn't mean that he can use the picture for anything else but the reason for which you allowed him to take these pictures for. because if that wasn't the case then maybe tomorrow you could see yourself on a giant billboard because the guy sold the picture to an advertising company or something.

he definitely owns the copyright of the images he create but that doesn't mean he can do business with them as he pleases.

Again, depends on where you live and what other laws (eg privacy laws etc) have to say on the matter.

He can certainly use them for editorial in most jurisdictions with no further reference to you.

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