Who own the copyright and why?

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Re: Who own the copyright and why?

CosmoZooo wrote:

Here's a situation I'd like to understand.

I hire someone to come in and take pictures of my family. That someone may do it for free or get paid. No terms are discussed before or after.

That someone takes photos, edits them and gives them to me. That someone then tells me that I can't post the photos on say Facebook unless I put that person's name on them, because otherwise I violate the copyright.

Moreover the photographer is using the photos on their own site as part of their portfolio without any permission from me.

I thought that photos are mine but my research on the copyright law and photography suggests that unless there was an actual contract that I will be the owner of the copyright - the photographer indeed owns the copyright.

Is this really TRUE?

It depends where you live because all copyright law is different.

In New Zealand, unless the photographer specifically contracts to retain copyright, the person commissioning the work is the copyright owner.

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