Recommended Photoshop Alternatives?

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Re: You dont need is how I will get around it.

Bajerunner wrote:

RomanJohnston wrote:

I have Photoshop CS5. No need to upgrade. It has all the pieces that I need. Yeah...the gimmicky things are fun, but layers and (for me) LAB color space are what I need from Photoshop. open RAW files....all I need is Capture NX2. It IS quite powerful and it is a great starting point for my files.

If NIK/Google is smart, now is the time to develop something that will rattle the market with its simplicity and strength.


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According to some other bloggers here, Photoline is very good. So the smart thing for Google / NIK  is to buy that out (c) on that idea.... 

Your solution is the sanest. Nikon / Canon et al must provide conversion software for their cameras and update for new cameras.

Thus, use that for RAWs, export to PS/LR readable format like TIF,  and proceed as usual.

Not sure how those other formats like TIF work for the high res commercial applications, I don't have that knowledge.

But for most it should be fine surely?

I am already using RAW Therapee as of last week, may as well get used to it. IF I spend on a RAW converter it will be Nikon's CNX2, no point spending on anything else, the money I was going to upgrade from LR3 to LR4 can go into that.

I like LR because it runs the plugins and work seamlessly with PS. That is why I went from CNX2 in the first place after originally using trial version.

I don't care about cataloguing, because I use a crude but working method, I save /export  all images into date  or labeled  folders in My Pictures, so can open with any applicable software and find easily.

So, using a RAW converter and then exporting for use with LR3 and PS 6 will do me fine and all plugins stay viable.

RAW Therapee is free and CNX2 does not cost much and will always be updated I would think, its Nikon.

One advantage is that I like the RAW Therapee and Nikon processed colors moreso than ACR.

LR/ CS6 was convenient and also ironically another reason I got it was expected 'future viability' I thought it would be there ad nauseum...that out the window now....err nothing in life guaranteed methinks.

But, always a way, no worries.

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Of course if you are running Mac, you do not need a RAW converter (does anyone really still use standalone RAW converters?!) because Mac OS reads RAW natively.

Thus something like Aperture will simply open the RAW files for you to work on immediately with no other steps required.

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