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Both great cameras - I choose the 5D3

DtEW wrote:

1.  Mirror slap.  Guh.  Feels like "ka-boink", but doubtlessly this is because I've been spoiled by the particular advantage of mirrorless, and one with an electronic first shutter.  I hear that the 6D mirror is quieter than the 5D MKIII.  Thoughts?

The 5D3 has a "slow" shutter mode that significantly reduces the sensation of mirror slap and noise. When configured for quiet operation, the 5D3 and 6D are comparable in terms of shutter noise - they are both very quiet. Coming from mirror-less you may find them noisy, but away from the camera, most people will not find the shutter noise intrusive, or perhaps even noticeable. If there's any ambient noise, people won't hear you taking pictures with either camera.

2.  Shutter lag.  I don't know whether it's the throw of the shutter button or something, but I feel like the shutter lag of the 5DMKII (in MF mode, taking AF out of the equation) to be substantially longer than that of my mirrorless.  I realize that more things are going on for a FF dSLR, but has there been an improvement over the 5DMKII for either of the cameras in question?

Haven't owned a 5D2, but have a 40D and 5D3. Shutter-lag? Perhaps this is getting used to the shutter button, because shutter lag hasn't really been anything people have noticed on Canon bodies since the 10D (a long time ago.) I purchased a Canon 20D in September 2004, as one of the benefits was practically no noticeable shutter lag.

3.  Autofocus.  Quite honestly, I expected better... but then again my expectations might not have been realistic.  (I'm not comparing it to mirrorless CDAF, as that's a rather low bar.)  I realize that AF speed is partly a function of the lens.  My concern is that acquisition fails more than I thought it would in low light (as tested with the EF 100mm f/2 USM, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 A forthcoming might be better here?).  Of course, low-light is relative.  The 6D supposedly has that magic cross-type -3EV in the center.  The 5DMKIII supposedly has a gazillion -2EV corss types all around.  Are these substantial improvements over the 5DMKII?  (This might be my worst-worded inquiry.)

Lots of people only use the 5D2 centre focus point. The 5D3 auto-focus is very impressive by any standards. Haven't owned a 6D, but if you're concerned about auto-focus, this is a big reason that the 5D3 cost much more than the 6D.

Another concern that isn't something I'm at all familiar with is that of flash.  I do not shoot flash, being a landscape shooter and sometimes taking quite too much pride with extreme ambient light shooting.  But I realize that it might be very important for event work.  I've read that the 6D was somewhat down-spec'ed as to leave model-differentiation room for the 5DMKIII.  Does it matter?  (I am relatively clueless about flash photography.)

Canon's flash system is pretty standardized across the line. Not sure there's any difference in flash performance or operation between the 5D3 and 6D. However, the 5D3 does have a more sophisticated light metering sensor than the 6D, so this may contribute to differences in ETTL flash metering? Haven't noticed anyone talking about this.

Not that money is no object, but I'd rather have the right tool for the job.  Thanks for any insight y'all might able to shed.

Until recently my main body was a Canon 40D (APS-C), however I have some opportunities for some paid wedding and event photography. To me the high performance auto-focus system in the 5D3, and familiar ergonomics (to the 40D) convinced me to choose this body over the 6D.

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