(100 - 400) or (70-200 2.8 + 300 4L+ 1.4x III/ 2x III) for wildlife photography

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Re: (100 - 400) or (70-200 2.8 + 300 4L+ 1.4x III/ 2x III) for wildlife photography

Renier1 wrote:

Looking at this line up the best option for versatility and quality will be the 70-300L. I have all those lenses and bought the 70-300L for my wife on her 7D for a Kruger Park trip last year. The pictures she got would not have been possible with any of the other lenses other than the 70-200 and 300 without TC in their respective range. While not giving you the reach of the 400 but the image quality is much better. The lens is small and performs well. The 7D has enough usable ISO range to work with the smaller aperture.

Yes I'd agree with that 70-300L is the best compromise but it's not mentioned in OP's title. It's still relative small/light but its IQ is as good as 70-200L/4.0 IS in 70-200mm range but with extra 100mm reach. 100-400L is an old lens, pretty good but not stellar and only slightly lighter than 70-200L II but still heavy/big. 70-200L/2.8 IS II is great lens but it's pretty bulky. I'd buy 70-300L if start from scratch but it's not available in Dec 2007 when I bought 70-200L/4.0 IS.

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